apple picking

I am a big proponent of photographing food. I don’t really love taking pictures of people or events or really anything like that for a few reasons. First, it always cuts into whatever is going on and everyone shifts around so their good side is out and all the fun stops for a second. Second, I barely look at pictures. Third, usually awesome events are accompanied by food, so I may as well just take a picture of the meal we had. But, this aversion to taking pictures of things (uh, people) that aren’t inanimate objects means that I have no pictures from my amazing apple picking adventure! Which was mostly an adventure in that we weren’t too too sure where we were going. But, once we (Alice, Liz, Matt, me) got to the orchard it was pretty standard. If your standard is awesome fun with many many apple snacks.

I definitely recommend apple picking next fall, I think it’s too late this year.


And now, all I have is a picture of a bowl of apples, since I don’t like baked fruit and I ended up just eating several dozen apples over the course of a week or so.


One response to “apple picking

  1. Those apples were SO good, that I went out and bought a whole lot of different sorts of apples from Fruit Universe (or Produce Town, as the smaller thinkers call it). NONE of the apples were as good as the ones you picked. I’m going to miss them.

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