Monthly Archives: August 2010


I am pretty much the luckiest. (offset by being the worst blogger!) My birthday was last month, and look at the amazing gradient cake that Lindsay and Ashley made! It matched my nails, and was delicious! Thanks so much, lovely friends.


I had the best birthday, we ate an insane amount of smoked meat (but not actual “smoked meat,” just meat that happened to be smoked), danced around to Bruce Springsteen, drank a keg on the roof, broke into a swimming pool, and basically had the best day and night ever.


summer pizza

Okay, this is late. It’s hard to be on the internet because it’s so nice outside and, you know, I’ve only been eating salad and lots of barbecued meat.  But, a few weeks ago Lindsay and I made a pretty delicious pizza.  It was mostly amazing because Lindsay made Jim Lahey’s pizza dough before I got there. I stopped by the Bellwoods farmer’s market and picked up some asparagus and some Monteforte dairy cheese, inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s asparagus pizza. We switched it up a bit, though, and used a base of dijon and balsamic vinegar.


The whole thing is pretty easy, we just mixed up a bunch of dijon and balsamic vinegar, and spread it on the dough. Then we shaved asparagus (this was for sure the most laborious part… and the wait, I hate waiting for pizza to cook) and tossed it in the dijon/balsamic mixture, and threw it on the pizza. We shaved some cheese over top and baked it. This pizza was awesome.