farmers market

Basically, in the summer, a food blog gets hard. Mostly I either want to eat burritos on a patio with a gin and tonic, or a pseudo salad of avocado and tomato with balsamic vinegar. Neither of these meals make for particularly exciting blog posts, as you can probably guess.

Summer, though, is also the best time for farmer’s markets. I love the weekly markets in the park, they are just the most romantic. But, they also don’t quite inspire recipes, but rather delicious meals that are maybe a little bit too easy.


Most of this breakfast came from the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market. Grilled ramps, poached egg, delicious bread and seriously, for real, the most amazing ashen goat cheese from Monforte Dairy. This cheese! So incredible! But, you know, so good that any sort of recipe is totally unnecessary.


2 responses to “farmers market

  1. mhmm this looks so good! the cheese especially! famers markets are so great for the summer, or any time for that matter! 🙂

  2. This looks like the kind of breakfast I usually have in the morning, with the exception of the onions. We have a nice farmer’s market in my area too and you’ve just reminded me to visit it more often. Thanks

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