I am not very good at having a blog, I’m sorry.

Natalie’s birthday was a full two months ago, but I still haven’t written about it. Which is especially crazy because it was so so fun. She is a genius, and had a Miracle Berry Party. Miracle fruit is pretty much the most exciting thing, ever. Somehow, using science, it coats your tastebuds and makes sour things taste sweet, which is both fun and crazy.

Anyway, usually living in Canada is pretty fun, but if you are interested in shipping fruit across the border it is less fun. And, wayyyy back in June, miracle fruit was only available in the states. So, instead, Nat ordered miracle pills, because though the border is touch on fruit, they are surprisingly lenient on “miracle pills,” even if the only ingredients in said pills are “mysterious berry powder” and corn starch. Anyway, apparently you can get the berries in Toronto now, but this doesn’t really help the past.


We had tonnes of lemons and limes (so so many lemons and limes), and mustard, and chocolate, and pickles, and sour gummies, and tequila. Party!

I have never been to an LSD party, but I have read Go Ask Alice, and basically, a tasteshifting party is a lot like an LSD party.  At first, lots of people talk about whether the pills are going to work, then someone takes one, everyone looks at him or her expectantly, and then he or she tries a lemon, deems it “sweet” and then everyone takes their pill.  Then everyone spends the next half hour eating typically sour foods, commenting on how sweet they are (SO SWEET!  Like candied food! Except the chocolate, which just tasted like ultra sweet chocolate, and the tequila, which disappointingly just tasted like tequila.) and wondering if their tastebuds will ever get back to normal.  (Yes, they will.)

This was totally fun.  Best best party!  Happy, happy, very belated birthday, Natalie!


One response to “tasteshifting

  1. i wouldn’t say i’m a “genius”. more just a trendsetter.

    thanks for the belated birthday shout-out!!

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