Monthly Archives: June 2009

summer lunch!

Okay, basically my life is amazing BUT if I could change anything I would have a barbecue. And a puppy. Jason and Angus have both, and they invited me to lunch last week and it was the best ever. We made grilled veggie sandwiches with cheese and mustard and puppy Sebastian almost learned how to roll over and now it’s summer and no one cooks with recipes in the summer because finally food tastes good on its own!


Obviously this pretty picture was not taken by me, but rather by Jason!


iron chef: blt

Okay, I kind of took a month off the internet not due to being so busy, but really because I was getting over this year’s iron chef birthday loss. I am, I guess, a sore loser. Happy birthday, Lindsay, thanks for the cooking complex! (Joking, joking! Best birthday ever!) But! Seriously these sandwiches were so so good and I’m still kind of in shock that we didn’t win, but it may have had something to do with telling everyone else that there was no way they were ever going to beat us. Or something.

Anyway, apparently this BLT was a bit controversial. I don’t see it. I think it really goes without saying that a BLT is a sandwich, and this sandwich had bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, and thus is definitely a BLT. Other competitors felt it needed a carbohydrate, but I am pretty sure that would have been overkill. Whatever, friends! Also, it was pretty amazingly delicious.


And, cute! Totally cute! (Will took the picture, he is good at photography and making ice cream sandwiches!) Anyway, it is easy, and good, and is a pretty good party treat as they are not messy at all. We fried pancetta in rosemary until it was crispy, cooked halved grape tomatoes in balsamic vinegar at 350F for maybe 45 minutes, and put them both in an endive leaf, which held up surprisingly well.

I maintain that this IS a sandwich, and am pretty much unwilling to be proven wrong on this one. BLT!