messy sandwich

I am bad at the internet. I have been eating lots of delicious foods, but have been too busy enjoying the weather and actually doing work and going to every single farmer’s market in the city except Brickworks (please someone let’s go to Brickworks!) and running around to write about it. This is a sandwich that I was craving a lot about, oh, a month ago when things got too busy for the internet. But! Worth remembering for next year’s ramp season (or, not given the Globe and Mail’s article on ramps as entirely unsustainable… oops!).


Anyway, I picked up some Ontario asparagus and wild leeks at the St. Lawrence Market and was feeling a bit lazy and urgently hungry, so I ended up frying up the leeks and asparagus in a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper, while soft-boiling two eggs. When the veggies were fried, I threw in a bit (a lot!) of parmesan cheese. I threw everything on a bun and felt rustic and virtuous. You know, until I read about how wild leeks are the new worst.


This sandwich is completely messy but completely worth it. You basically have to eat it all as quickly as possible, or else it will fall apart, but, really, worth it!


3 responses to “messy sandwich

  1. brickworks is totally in our ‘hood. let’s do this next weekend or something, perhaps combining delicious brunch/picnic!

  2. i don’t think any post on your blog has made my mouth water as much as this one does. why am i not eating this now??

  3. Tasty

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