Ramps are hard to find, which makes me want them pretty hard. I love a food challenge (note that I do not love other challenges). Anyway, recently Natalie found a bunch of ramps and so we set out to make a meal out of them. Unfortunately, ramps are just wild leeks, and are a bit hard to focus an entire meal around. And, the fact that they’re only available for a few weeks a year means that there aren’t too many recipes out there. Luckily, we pulled together and made a pretty delicious dinner.


We made ramp pesto by blending together two bunches of ramps, a smallish hunk of pecorino, 4 cloves of garlic (note to self and roommates: we are out of garlic!), olive oil, and salt and pepper. Then we spread this on puff pastry (whoa!) and added thin slices of goat’s gouda. The pesto was very very intense. Generally I’m of the mindset that 4 cloves of garlic for a lot of pesto is not nearly enough, but this is not the case with ramp pesto. Serious kick!


We also grilled some ramps and put them on bread, with something called “prosciutto butter.” Now, Eric calls paté “meat butter” and I thought this was pretty accurate, until we made prosciutto butter which is literally butter and prosciutto, blended together. It was a bit too much for me, to be honest.

We deviated a bit from the ramps-only part of the meal for the salad, and fried some fennel and garlic in a bit of oil and apricot chutney. Said chutney is now gone, in under a week, and I’ve only made salad dressing and grilled cheese. I’m going to have to pick up some more and do more experiments.


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