wychwood barns

The Wychwood Barns are totally awesome! I am in love with the farmers’ market, and the greenhouse, and the cute kids, and the art space, and the converted subway graveyard. So wonderful. I really can’t emphasize the adorableness of this place, but it’s totally worth waking up early on a Saturday and biking up the Bathurst hill. Ashley and I went and got breakfast and treats.


I had the banana bread french toast, she had poached eggs, both delicious, but will be more so as soon as summer weather takes over.

Last week I finally deviated from my regular Hibiscus order (salad) and got crepes. I was skeptical of the cheddar and chutney but it was seriously the most amazing lunch ever. So when I saw an apricot and hot pepper jelly at the market I thought I’d try to create an amazing grilled cheese.


And, it worked! I totally recommend chutney and cheddar. Also, if you want to make friends at the bar, bring a loaf of bread, a jar of chutney, and a block of 5 year old cheddar.


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