steamed fish

Steamed fish is great because it tastes amazing and it’s basically like watching science happen. At first I was nervous about whether the steaming would cook the fish, or overcook the fish, but everything worked out wonderfully. Basically, all you need is parchment paper and a bamboo steamer.


In the past bit of time I’ve made swordfish and salmon (with Zack) like this. Both were delicious, and seasoned exactly the same way. (Full disclosure: the salmon was better. Maybe because we overcooked the swordfish due to first-time fears, maybe because I prefer salmon.) Anyway, we used fresh coriander, sliced garlic, dried kaffir lime leaves and salt and pepper to season the fish, and you just put everything on top of the fish and wrap it up like a parcel and place it in the steamer.


The timing seemed a bit iffy, but I think we just put it over a pot of boiling water for between 8-10 minutes, depending on the fish thickness. I am an over-eager cook and so had to check to make sure the middle was cooked at least once per serving, and it’s fine to just re-wrap it and put it back on the water.


This is a very impressive way to cook. I say this because even though Zack and I were the only people eating it, we were really impressed and basically patted ourselves on the back all evening. Good job, us! Also, kaffir lime leaves bring a lot to this, and are for sure my new favourite spice. So good!


One response to “steamed fish

  1. i made fish with my bamboo steamer on sunday! you can also steam a dense, flaky white fish and then made a sauce out of heated olive oil, scallions, ginger, garlic, white wine and a bit of sugar to cut the acidity. it’s way, way delicious (and would be more so with lime leaves)!

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