white food

Okay, so I’ve been getting some guff about having many posts in a row featuring white food. Obviously, bright colours are just a better way to eat. Generally, healthier, if the bright colours are natural. Also, way prettier. So, anyway, when I started this blog I mostly posted based on aesthetics. Something had to be really really great if it was going to be ugly and make it on here. Anyway, my standards have lowered a bit, because, really, how many pretty dishes can one girl make? So, apologies for many white dishes!

Here is a super-pretty, quick, colourful salad that I’m pretty obsessed with right now:


Mika has me totally hooked on flat-leaf parsley as a substitute for lettuce or spinach. I rarely eat lettuce, it seems kind of pointless, but spinach has iron which I need pretty desperately, but parsley has awesome flavour so that clearly wins. Mika also first gave me some raw cashews – so good. There are only three ingredients here, and clearly the third is beets. I boiled the beets, peeled them, cubed them, and drizzled maple syrup over them and roasted them for awhile. They are the most amazing, sugary things ever. And the beet juice and maple syrup reduction makes a really sweet, yummy dressing. Seriously good salad!


One response to “white food

  1. oh my. here i thought pancakes and french toast and waffles were the only possible vehicles for maple syrup, but this is even better! delicious!

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