reading about food

Since about November, I have been totally obsessed with David Tanis’s cook book A Platter of Figs. The book is wonderful for a few reasons.

First, such such nice pictures.
Second, amazing recipes. I think. I have to admit that I haven’t made anything, really, from the book. But it did inspire this snack of figs baked in honey, topped with mascarpone…


Third, amazing approach to food and friends. I really agree that if more than six people are eating, it’s almost always best to stay in and cook. Not always, always, but definitely almost always.
Fourth, great writing style.
Fifth, so so romantic! He spends six months as head chef at Chez Panisse, and six months in Paris. Hello, dream life!


One response to “reading about food

  1. Your snacks are better than mine. I have NEVER whipped up a wee snack of fresh figs baked in honey and topped with marscapone.

    I suck. You rock.

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