Monthly Archives: October 2008


Until very recently, I had never had lobster. Ever. Apparently this is weird, but it isn’t something I’ve ever made, nor is it something I’ve ever ordered. I think it has something to do with spending most of my eatingtime in Ontario, where lobsters don’t exactly roam free. Anyway, we recently decided to paint our apartment, and in an attempt to make ourselves feel like this was an exciting way to spend a weekend, we decided to cook lobsters at the same time. One exciting dinner, several fumey days, it all evens out. And now we have funny purpley walls that are mistakenly listed as “cadet grey” on the paint can. Whoops.

Painting isn’t the most fun, but the pre-painting lobster races sure were:


The lobster races weren’t really so fast, I think they were feeling lethargic having spent hours in a styrofoam box. After watching them hover around on our kitchen floor, we just boiled them and hoped for the best. We gaged their cookedness based on colour, which is pretty much how I figure out all food mysteries.


Disaster almost struck (part one) when we realized that we don’t have any lobster crackers. Luckily, we are avid mojito-drinkers, and used muddlers to bash the shells. Everyone else seemed to feel that lobster is the perfect vehicle for butter. Now, I enjoyed the lobster, but I maintain that a cookie is in fact the best vehicle for butter. Still, pretty good.

Having bashed in the shells, we realized that it probably wouldn’t be too hard to make a bisque. And, it didn’t look too hard, but it looked like more work than we were willing to put into a post-dinner project, given that we had to paint. So, we just boiled down the shells and made lobster stock, which we then turned into risotto.


In the end, we may as well have made lobster bisque since we ended up painting the walls the wrong colour (disaster number two!). Luckily, everything worked out and now we have nice new walls.