edamame salad

I am really into edamame these days. It is delicious and green and I find popping the beans out of the pod so satisfying. But, The Kitchn mentioned an edamame salad awhile ago, featuring shelled beans, and it seemed like an awesome idea. And it is. I decided to throw in an avocado, because I don’t really believe in avocado-less salads, which worked well.


Basically, cook about a cup of shelled edamame for about five minutes in boiling water. While the beans are cooking, dice an avocado, shave off a few thin slices of red onion, and roughly chop a tablespoon or so of mint. Cool the edamame with cold water and toss it all together. I’m pretty sure that what actually makes this recipe work is the coarse salt. I love love love coarse salt these days. Throw in a few pinches, and add some balsamic vinegar.


2 responses to “edamame salad

  1. that’s a lot of green and a lot of deliciousness. interesting and enticing concoction!

  2. I love the photo–just cool, mellow, and inviting green. This sounds like a refreshing salad–not being the biggest salad person, this mix wouldn’t have occurred to me, but it sounds like a good one

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