ice cream cupcakes

I have a bit of a problem in my life. Basically, Zack is not such a fan of sweet treats. I have been able to work past this bizarre character flaw by always eating double dessert. But, I was a bit at a loss when his birthday came around. Usually I bring cupcakes to birthdays. It makes sense: no cutting, no one feels weird taking some, they’re delicious and festive. Anyway, though Zack doesn’t really like cupcakes, he told me I should bring them anyway since it would be “embarrassing” if I didn’t. Really, this is a long build up to say that some (not many, but some) people expect cupcakes, and I really want to deliver. Fastforward to Thea’s birthday, which was so so fun and featured soccer-baseball, my new favourite sport. Sorry, treading water and laying on pool noodles! Thea’s party was excellent but it fell in the middle of an insane insane heatwave and I couldn’t possibly imagine turning on the oven, though I don’t think Thea expected much from me given my 110% effort on the soccer-baseball field.  I wanted to make treats, though, but I needed a serious compromise and so made ice cream cupcakes.


Frankly, two main selling points of cupcakes, for me, are that they aren’t too messy and they are very pretty, and these two things make them good for parties. Sadly, these ice cream cupcakes are kind of sloppy-looking and definitely sloppy.  But, they are cold, which in 35 degree hot hot humid heat is very important.  They are embarassingly easy, too, and you can really do anything you want to them.  I went with oreo crumbs on the bottom, a layer of chocolate ice cream, another layer of oreo crumbs, and more ice cream, topped with mini chocolate chips and very ripe raspberries…

The important things to note are that the ice cream has to be very very soft (I think mine would have looked better had the ice cream been even softer) and to line the cupcake tray with small squares of saran so you can get the cupcakes out.  They need to sit in the freezer for as long as they can, and to get them out just warm up the capcake tray with your hands and they come right out.


5 responses to “ice cream cupcakes

  1. Great idea! This does look like a very easy treat! And I love your idea. Chocolate and raspberries has me drooling right now!

  2. I thought you just liked taking pictures of food! I will forever be on this site, stealing your recipes and passing them off as my own at amazing dinner parties.

    Want to “collaborate” sometime soon?

    Basically, I love you. A lot.

  3. nothing wrong with a double portion of dessert, that’s for sure. there’s also nothing wrong with these cupcakes, even if they are a bit sloppy. i wouldn’t turn ’em away! 🙂

  4. What an amazing idea! i’m making these soon!
    Emma hates dessert as well! I also eat double dessert!
    We got the cd, thanks!

  5. Although it may not have seemed like it (considering all the fun of the birthday festivities and what it did to my body), i LOVED these for my birthday and will forever be disappointed from here on out on september 1 as it will be difficult to top these ice cream delights… unless you top it next year, no pressure! xo

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