balsamic feta

Ohhh Hillside was so fun and they have just the best best food ever. Usually music festivals in particular, and anywhere serving food quickly to thousands (ish?) people in general, have really bad food. Gross hot dogs and cold pizza and other problems. But! Hillside has amazing foods, lots of local and organic stuff, so so amazing and really quick but good

Anyway, we had these delicious balsamic marinated feta sandwiches which I definitely did not recreate, but they inspired me to make this other, different, yet also and still delicious sandwich. I mashed up the feta and added a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, and maybe one tablespoon of olive oil. I let it “marinate” (sit there) from breakfast until lunch.


Important: this sandwich does not need salt.


2 responses to “balsamic feta

  1. Sounds like a good sandwich to me! I really need to start changing up my lunch routine…

  2. how could you resist eating this bugger all that time between breakfast and lunch? kudos to you. 🙂

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