I have been leaving the city lots and lots because it’s summer and the air here is heavy and everyone is grumpy and hot and sticky. Plus, really, who wouldn’t want to spend the weekend here:


Anyway, I am kind of feeling exhausted from all these weekend vacations, and I am totally excited to spend a bit of time in the city (but not this weekend! I’m going to Hillside!). And, sometimes when you are in a hot, sweaty city and everyone is grumpy, you really do appreciate very simple, fun things. Like picnics! I am so happy that Oyster Boy is right next to my favourite park, making fancy picnics supereasy.


Recently, a lovely bunch of ladies brought an amazing assortment of delish treats to the park, and sat around drinking prosecco and eating treats. Though I later felt the consequences of basically eating only cheese for dinner, it was worth it and basically I want to do it again, and often. This is yet another food blog post that features no cooking! Whoops!


2 responses to “picnic!

  1. nice spread! picnics rule. and i’m totally jealous of your weekend getaway spot–it looks so serene. 🙂

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