It’s wayyy too hot to cook, or do much of anything in our apartment. Luckily, awesome food things have been happening lately that don’t need cooking. The most awesome is my amazing birthday present. Awhile ago I was on a bit of a mason jar kick – I transferred all my dried goods into mason jars and thought about how pretty they would be mounted. Anyway, I guess I talked about this quite a bit, because there is now the most wonderful shelf in my kitchen.


I’m sad that pictures don’t really do this justice, it’s huge and totally beautiful. Yesterday I watched it, like television, while eating a snack. And it was fun! Zack also filled a bunch of new jars with really pretty things (teas, star of anise, jelly beans). And now I have tonnes of shelf space where this used to go.


Also excellent is his use of a label maker. Halfway through, he ran out of black label tape, hence the faux-wood-panel labels. I love label makers, and I love that all my dried goods are now so accessible and so clearly labeled. Basically, this is an amazingly thoughtful and wonderful gift and talking about it on the internet doesn’t really explain that well. But, pretty!


4 responses to “amazing

  1. what a unique and super convenient set of shelves! i’m jealous–somebody is an awfully good gift-giver. đŸ™‚

  2. That does look like a great fixture. I’ve only got four jars filled and I always felt silly just sort of stopping and looking at them as I passed by. Glad to know I’m not alone–something about it just gives this warm, homey splash of color.

  3. Happy belated B day to you! And what an awesome display! I just love it!
    I wish I had some wall space left for something like this.

  4. Love it! And your quinoa breakfast looks good – I think I’ll give it a try.

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