rosemary lemonade

Awhile ago, Meg, Alice and I went to the Red Tea Box for their version of high tea. They do a bento box version of high tea, which, for me, is a big step up from the petit fours (though I do love a scone!). I really do love eating a meal of samplings, so this was a great meal. We ended up splitting three boxes, which was awesome but also a bit overwhelming since we opted for one to be the dessert box. Even for me it was too many desserts, but we somehow managed.desserts

The other boxes we had were pretty excellent – really nice flavours, but they too came with dessert which just made it too much sweet (again, I’m only sort of complaining – it was delicious!).  Basically, the moral of the story is definitely go to the Red Tea Box, if only for the adorable backyard patio and many awesome bite-sized treats that you probably wouldn’t make on your own, but avoid the super-tempting dessert box.

Even though we were there for the tea, it was way way too hot to get a pot of tea. Sad loss, and a further bastardization of high tea, which I am actually okay with. Luckily, they had many iced teas, too, but we all shied away from those too, because the rosemary lemonade looked so delicious and refreshing. And it was wonderful, not to mention, beautiful. Since this meal, all I want to do is create different versions of lemonades and garnish all drinks with raspberries.


I’m also on the hunt for delicious herbs to use in cool drinks – and I’m hoping to be inspired by liqurious, which shouldn’t be too hard…


4 responses to “rosemary lemonade

  1. fortunately for me (well…most of me–the waistline isn’t so lucky), i can never get enough dessert. that looks like a gem of a place!

  2. Those desserts look fun and the drinks sound delicious

  3. BEth!

    tiff made a great iced tea with herbs- use lady grey tea, make a simple syrup, and use fresh tarragon! It’s amazing. Let me know if you need better instructions, because I can provide those.

  4. Beth,
    To update on Emma’s suggestion. The simple syrup is as follows. One Lime rind (that’s right, you use a peeler to take off all the skin of a lime and put it right into the simple syrup)
    1/2 cup of lime juice
    3/4 cup of sugar
    1/4 cup water
    bring to a boil, discard the lime rind
    Meanwhile boil 8 cups of water and steep 4 bags of lady grey for 6 minutes
    when the simple syrup cools blend with a packed 1/2 cup of fresh taragon (I used the hand blender)
    Combine syrup/taragon mixture with tea
    cool in fridge
    freak out when you taste!

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