pomegranate cod

Last week we had a very fun and delish dinner. Lindsay, Natalie, and Paige came over and we made a pretty delicious cod with pomegranate molasses and nuts. I thiiiink the meal was pretty impressive, but it was also shockingly easy. The hardest part, for sure, was the frying of the fish, which luckily Lindsay took on like a pro. I would say it would be better to bake them, but I love the way the nuts get a bit toasted and delicious when they fry. I think we probably should have ground the nuts a bit more, but for a first time, this fish was awesome.

We used this recipe, from tastespotting (also the only result if you search “pomegranate cod” on there…). Basically, while you marinate the cod, prepare the dukkah (nut mixture). We followed it closely, but maybe have used wayyyy more dukkah than was called for.

Now that I have most of a bottle of pomegranate molasses, i am going to try to find more amazing uses for it!

And, this is definitely not a recipe, but I am pretty much only eating baked (roasted? I don’t know the difference) asparagus with honey and lime mustard brushed on. Amazing.


2 responses to “pomegranate cod

  1. i’ve been seeing pomegranate molasses in all kinds of recipes lately, and i’m really intrigued by it. your use of it looks purdy durn tasty! 🙂

  2. this looks really delish. we can perfect it when i come home, perhaps.

    also, I’m glad that the food blog hasn’t been too too busy since I left. i would be sad to miss out.

    see you soooooooon!

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