I have been very very busy lately, working from the library, reading 1940s magazines (yes, I would like four pyrex bowls for $3.70!  no, I don’t want to remember all the things my husband gave up for marriage) and haven’t had much time for excellent meals.  Lunches had to be super portable, and dinner felt kind of rushed.  I guess, though, that this is how real life is…  Anyway, on Friday, we had an excellent barbecue at Amy’s house, with the most exciting green sausages.  Seriously!

Amy got the sausages at Segovia, and they were totally great – not super greasy (or, realistically, not greasy tasting…  I’m sure they were greasy enough…) and full of flavour, because they were stuffed with fresh herbs and spices.  In the green one there was spinach, garlic, and some other spices, and the regular one had a lot of turmeric in it – so good!

We also had roasted asparagus with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and roasted squash with maple syrup and pecans.  The squash was a nice treat, but I would definitely recommend the asparagus…  But maybe I would just recommend asparagus all the time, since it’s my favourite spring veggie.  All in all, this was a very nice Friday night dinner.

Dinner was somehow improved with two bottles of mojitos, plain lime and raspberry.  Lately all I want to do is store things in Mason jars.  So lovely.  Also, so much rum.  Whoops!


2 responses to “barbecue!

  1. green sausage! that’s a new one to me, and i am completely intrigued! i’m also completely jealous of you, all the way from the grilled corn to the sweet squash to the rum-tastic mojitos. 🙂

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