Last week, Zack and I were celebrating his academic victories, and we decided to try out Foxley, on Ossington.  I’m pretty sure I’m not exaggerating when I say this is my favourite new restaurant.  It’s amazing, and features my favourite way to eat (tapas!) and my favourite type of food (delicious!).  The tapas were all the perfect size – big enough that you could share them but not feel like you just had a bite.  I guess the food is, mmm, fusion…  but Google tells me pan-Asian.  Anyway, it’s really really amazing.  I’ve held off on writing about it since the pictures aren’t very good (I’m shy to take pictures in restaurants) but it really is amazing.

Above are the marlin cerviche and the ribs.  These were my two favourites – the marlin tastes summery and awesome and the ribs are wonderfully molassesy and somehow easy to eat.  Seriously so good.

We also had a dish with lamb in grape leaves, that probably has a fancier name but I can’t remember it, and garlic shrimp that were awesome.  And, we had lamb and prosciutto dumplings that were surprisingly unphotogenic, so they aren’t pictured.

Foxley doesn’t take reservations, but they do something that, in my mind, is brilliant.  Basically, they send you to a nearby bar and call you when there’s a table.  This is nice because sometimes it is impossible to sit at the bar watching everyone eat when you are hungry, and then you (uhhh, me…) just glare at the eaters, making it hard for them (uhhh, you…) to order dessert, even though their black sesame creme brulé is amazing.


One response to “foxley

  1. I love Foxley. I really do. I also loved it when they called me at a nearby bar in order to seat me.

    All told, there was a lot of love.

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