simple sandwich

I am totally inspired by food on the internet. I am always visiting tastespotting, and moving from there. Generally, I figure it’s a pretty safe way to get recipes, because people wouldn’t bother to put up an awful recipe, and they would usually be pretty honest if it was somehow difficult. Anyway, awhile ago A Southern Grace put up these delicious looking tomatoes, and I have been dreaming of them ever since. Having now made them, I’m not sure why I thought about it for so long. They are ridiculously easy, and they really made me feel like my avocado and tomato sandwich was somehow special.

Basically, all you do is halve a bunch of grape tomatoes, add salt and pepper and bake them at 225 for an hour and a half or so. They’re tangy and chewy and generally excellent.

Another reason why this low-key sandwich is of note is the olive oil. In the picture, you can see a water bottle, and it is a pretty amazing olive oil from St. Lawrence Market. If you are interested in fancy oils, I totally recommend this one. It is pretty inexpensive and very delicious. Plus, you take it from a giant keg in the basement of the market which is kind of an adventure.


2 responses to “simple sandwich

  1. welcome to the world of roasted tomato delight! you’re right–it’s sooo easy and they’re ridiculously delicious. combining them with avocado is a stroke of genius that–wait, let me be sure–yep, i want to sample right now. 🙂

  2. I was never much of a tomato person (well, sauces and the like were fine, but straight tomatoes, no thanks) until I discovered the magic that takes place once roasted, so I’m not surprised that this should be delicious!

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