matzo pizza party.

Last week was passover, and I celebrated many times though I am definitely not Jewish.  Zack had a Seder, which was wonderful but I was too busy eating many courses and drinking four glasses of wine to take pictures, and Jason and Angus had a very exciting matzo pizza party.  This party was exciting for many reasons.  First, Jason and Angus are awesome.  Second, they have a beautiful kitchen.  Third, everyone brought exciting pizza toppings, which is a wonderful way to live.  I love food options!

So we all got together to make lovely matzo pizzas.  Some of the options included sundried and regular tomatoes, smoked and unsmoked cheeses, many varieties of mushrooms, garlic, peppers, onions, and, the most intriguing was a “5 counties cheddar” which was five different cheddar cheese layered into one cheese.  This fancy cheese was so intriguing that it was totally eaten before the pizza making began.  Given the insane amount of options, we all made very delicious and different pizzas.  And, since matzo isn’t exactly the most filling, we all got to have many many pizzas.

Basically, this was tonnes of fun, and I really dream of more pizza parties, especially featuring matzo.  Another amazing time happened when I went back to pick up my forgotten camera, and Jason and Angus loaded me up with caramel-covered matzo.  BEST!  Sadly, we ate it all before taking a picture, but Ashley and I have big plans to make more.


2 responses to “matzo pizza party.

  1. a matzo pizza party–what a great idea! caramel-covered matzo–an even better idea! 🙂

  2. what a fun party, wish i was there 😛

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