first ever pot roast.

My father got me a slow cooker for Christmas. As I’ve said, it was a huge surprise because slow cooking is just not something I have ever seen anyone in my family do. Plus, I rarely cook meat, and the cooker’s signature roast was definitely not on my radar. So, I’ve stuck to veggie stews and beans. But, Zack has really been pushing a pot roast for the past four months, and so I decided to bring one to his Passover dinner. Conclusion: pot roasts are AMAZING.


  • easy (I cup of beef broth, 2 diced onions, 1 chopped carrot, 5 diced celery stalks – brown the beef in a pan with salt and pepper and then cook on low for 8-10 hours)
  • very very melt-in-your-mouthy and delicious
  • hearty
  • impressive (people were strangely impressed given that i literally did nothing)
  • inexpensive (even if you use serious organic meat, you can use the worst cut and turn it into delicious)


  • ugly (hence, no picture)

Yes, clearly there are times when it is better for dinner to taste amazing with little time and money than to have a beautiful picture. Which I do not have, because pot roasts are ugly. Plus, slow cookers are apparently so hot right now. Who knew?


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