I am so so so into Hibiscus right now. I have probably walked past it a billion times, since it’s right on Augusta, just above Nassau in Kensington Market, but I only just started going. It is just the most amazing lunch of my life, for real. Everything is vegan and gluten-free, which is good for some but unnecessary for me. The main selling point is really that it is delicious. Seriously amazing.

I am almost always against ordering salads in restaurants. Because really, you look at them, and then you’re like “okay… lettuce, avocado, walnuts, cheese, citrus dressing. I can make this at home, easily.” And I am opposed to ordering food I can make at home if someone else is making it, mostly because there are tonnes of foods that I can’t or won’t make, and I’ll never have them unless I get them from a delicious restaurant. But! Hibiscus salads are worth it.

First of all, you get many, many salads. And none of them feature lettuce! Basically, everyday at Hibiscus they make a series of delicious salads, and then you order a salad bowl and get to try all of them! The picture above is green beans, sweet potato, quinoa with cranberry and sunflower seeds, sesame broccoli, a lentil salad, a tofu salad, and in the middle are beet salads, carrot salads and i think a soy paste. All are amazingly delicious, and it’s the perfect size for lunch and I feel totally virtuous eating that many colours. I’m convinced that eating many colours must be healthy, I hope to find proof one day soon.

Update! This post has served its purpose!  Ashley, Tony and my mother have all said they want to go to Hibiscus this week.  It sort of doesn’t count because Ashely and Tony introduced me to the place, but I still consider this a moral victory for the internet!


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