amazing amazing soup

On Friday, once again inspired by tastespotting, Ashley, Paige, Natalie, and I made this absolutely wonderful mussel and chorizo soup. I am posting the link, and suggest that you read her instructions, which are hilarious. We followed the recipe pretty closely, I think only substituting the heavy cream with double cream. Double cream is really really thick, and I am not really a fan of creamy soups, but this worked really well and still felt tangy instead of just heavy.

I am generally of the mindset that you can’t really go wrong by adding chorizo to pretty much anything.  I think I would have preferred a slightly spicier chorizo, but that’s kind of getting picky, since I think they tend to vary pretty substantially when it comes to spice levels.  A pretty insane thing is that Amy ate dinner with us and even though she hates fruit (ALL FRUIT, which is CRAZY to me) she liked the soup!  I love mussels, but if I were going to shun a food for being kind of gross, it would probably be something more like mussels, less like fruit.  Luckily, I love food.


3 responses to “amazing amazing soup

  1. So glad the soup went over well! It certainly did at our house, too. Enjoy!

  2. double cream is also good when eaten with a spoon!

    i really, really want to have this soup as often as possible.

  3. i am kind of tempted to try the double cream… on a spoon. or maybe in my espresso, i will keep you posted!

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