A series of many (three!) events inspired me to make these delicious black bottom cupcakes. Emma and I used to make them a lot, they feature two steps, which is a lot for me, so they felt fancy. I somehow lost Emma’s recipe (strange) but then a version was posted over at A Southern Grace, and I figured this would be a nice afternoon activity. Her recipe is simple and pretty great, and her cupcakes turned out much prettier than mine! This is in large part due to the fact that I always, without fail, overfill cupcakes. I get too excited, I guess. Anyway, seeing her post was actually the third inspiration.

The first was trying to make cream cheese icing awhile ago for Kaili’s birthday.  I failed miserably.  I can’t make icing.  Plus, I accidentally bought low fat cream cheese, which is really not going to cut it for icing.  So I was stuck with the low fat cream cheese, and no idea what to do with it, and every time I saw it I was reminded of my failure.

The second inspiration came when I was talking to Stacey about her icing class, which sounds amazing.  Basically, she makes a cake a week, and ices it beautifully featuring rosettes and clowns and whatnot.  Sadly, her icing is lard and icing sugar.  Basically, it was during this conversation that I realized where my icing problems had come from: I always try to go less butter, more milk, which, I guess, is not icing.

Anyway, black bottom cupcakes saved me – they absolutely do not need icing, and they are delicious, though not as beautiful as some other icing techniques…  Plus, I really like the cake recipe for this – it’s very fluffy, maybe because of the vinegar?


2 responses to “reminder!

  1. they are good, aren’t they? i had my doubts about an icing-less cupcake, but they don’t need it at all. that’s saying a lot, coming from someone who always doubles the icing recipe for a cake and ends up eating a good portion of it before it can actually be applied. 🙂

  2. Ah, more black bottom cupcakes? That makes two temptresses in my Google Reader–now I crave cupcakes! 😮

    They look really tasty and I can entirely sympathize about overfilling cupcakes–mine come out looking like muffins with a very distinct top, lol. But the way I see it, who is going to complain about having more cupcake in front of them? 😉

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