french toast

I absolutely love making french toast. Especially in my amazing press, french toast is easy and excellent. Growing up, I didn’t like eggs, so my mother would make french toast so I could maybe get some protein in the morning. Plus, it’s the perfect vehicle for maple syrup, which is great, because it’s so embarrassing when my roommates catch me eating maple syrup from a spoon.

If I am going to be having sweet french toast, I love using challah with a bit of cinnamon in the mixture.  Challah is great because it absorbs the syrup so nicely, and it’s fluffy and awesome.

But if I have the right toppings, I also love a savoury french toast.  Last year on my birthday my lovely friends brought over many excellent cheeses and fruits and we made stuffed and open faced french toasts.  Any creamy cheeses are obviously amazing, but I think the general consensus is that this excellent ginger stilton was really ideal for a french toast/fruit pairing.

Bacon on the side is good, but I also love bacon stuffed into it.

Clearly, the point of this post was to showcase these awesome shots, since french toast is totally easy and doesn’t require a recipe.  It was also a way to gently suggest to my friends that we make some french toast this weekend (hiiiiint!).


3 responses to “french toast

  1. I get it, Pom’r

  2. there’s nothing wrong with eating maple syrup from a spoon. 🙂

  3. This is a French breakfast of champions! It’s been so long since we had french toast! It’s time to start making them. Thanks!

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