new york brunch

I mostly only take pictures of food.  This is because food usually looks good, and it really doesn’t spoil the moment to take a picture of food the way it does to take a picture of something awesome or hilarious or whatever.  Anyway, this is generally okay, except it means that I am untrained to capture moments on film and sometimes I get too stressed out to take pictures in restaurants.  I think this must have happened this weekend: Zack and I went to New York City, and I took about 12 pictures: 4 from a brunch and 8 of this cat with a very small head and a very huge body.

Anyway, we had a really nice brunch at Patois on Sunday. I love a good brunch, especially one with many many drinks.  I had the poached eggs on a duck confit hash, and I will say that duck for breakfast is maybe the most decadent way to start the day.  It was pretty amazing, but I wish I’d thought to ask for it without hollandaise sauce, since I hate it. I finished everything, though, so maybe my hatred is waning.

Anyway, New York was lots of fun.  We also had what I think was the best sushi I’ve ever had, but I didn’t take any pictures.


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