I spent this week in Ottawa, taking pictures of old documents, playing Dr. Mario, and eating bagels. Really, that’s almost all of it. Most of the bagels I ate were particularly unnoteworthy, if such a thing is possible, except for Kettleman’s. Kettleman’s is a pretty awesome bagel place in Ottawa that’s open 24 hours and makes about one gagillion bagels a day. (fact!) Kettleman’s bagels are, in fact, so delicious that even though I had eaten a mediocre bagel every day for lunch the whole week, I was excited to have one for dinner, and even considered going for breakfast, too.

I went with the Reuben, with swiss cheese, smoked meat, sauerkraut and sweet mustard, and it was a serious improvement on the standard toasted bagel from the archives that I had been subsisting on for the past few days. Also: I need to get a jar of pickles. Pickles really make a sandwich a meal.


2 responses to “Kettleman’s!

  1. So, you tried some great bagels in Ottawa. But don’t you ever, ever try to say they are better than Montreal bagels…..
    That is all!

  2. of course not! there is a special place in my heart for eating bagels right out of the paper bag en route to your place, where we will then prepare bagels and lox!

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