grilled cheese.

Today Maytal is asking lots of serious questions about cheese and cheeze whiz and I am reminded that I lovelovelove grilled cheese. This is pretty strange considering that I literally (literally, for real, not like sometimes when I am exaggerating) did not have a grilled cheese sandwich until I was twenty years old. My family never ever had processed cheese and we really never ate it, because I thought I hated it. This meant that I also rarely ate pizza growing up and if I did, I would take the cheese off it, meaning that I was having the rough meal of bread and sauce. It turns out that I do hate most cheeses, but I love a strong, strong cheese. I am also enamoured with the cheese store near my house, which has also helped my cheese consumption. Anyway, back to grilled cheeses.

I have some key rules:

  • Good bread (my absolute favourite is challah, because it’s fluffy and smushes properly.  Also, the only time I get pre-sliced bread is if I’m going to make grilled cheeses.  The slices are the perfect width to be pressed (more on this).  Otherwise, thicker is better!
  • Sharp sharp cheddar – extra old, at least, but a smoked applewood also works. This is expensive, but worth it. Otherwise you are eating a treat that tastes bad and oily.
  • At least one other ingredient, to bring make it less “grilled cheesey” because I still kind of think that I hate cheese so it’s hard to eat an exclusively cheese sandwich. My favourites are avocado and tomatoes (sun-dried or regular-type). Ideally both!
  • Not fried, grilled, on my birthday grill! I love this grill so hard.
  • Thin slices of cheese. I use a cheese plane, so it’s thinner than packaged cheese slices and cheese slices from a slicer. This way the cheese melts quickly and doesn’t overpower the other delicious parts of the sandwich.

These are easy rules, though, and so worth it. Grilled cheese sandwiches are maybe my ultimate comfort food. How strange.


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