I am not really that good at Vietnamese soup. Sometimes I accidentally order it with tripe, and I always drip and slurp it all over myself. But! Pho is delicious, and also Zack’s favourite. Sometimes I try to pretend that when he says “soup” he means any type of soup, but really he only means pho. Anyway, this week he has his mother’s car while she is away, so we’ve been three times (!!!) to his favourite place, Pho Linh, at College and Dufferin. Yes, this is not so far without a car, but since there are about one trillion Vietnamese restaurants between our apartments (which are only four real blocks apart…), it seems silly to travel even a little for the pho. But, this place is really wonderful. It’s much smaller than the huge huge places on Spadina, especially now that Pho Train (Xe Lua) takes up all the space (well) that Bo De Duyen used to use, which is maybe why the soup is so delicious. I’ve been kind of off beef pho recently, but their chicken is actually amazing.


2 responses to “pho!

  1. There is a pho place down the street from our house (in the old Chinatown) that is delicious and has the only good vegetarian pho I’ve ever had. You and Zack should come there with us some time for comparison purposes.

  2. yes! definitely – let’s make a plan soon, as i think tomorrow is boardgames and brunch. i am also a serious fan of the tofu in a spicy korean soup that i had with tom ngo. so so delish!

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