yeast is a gross word but a delicious condiment.

It is really really cold.  So cold that I don’t really want to do anything, ever.  So mostly I stay in and watch things on the television.  Lately I have been watching a lot of trilogies.  “A lot” for me is the Bourne trilogy and Lord of the Rings.  This is “a lot” because I don’t watch movies.  There are too many fun things to do not in front of the television to watch movies, but these fun things are way less fun when it’s minus thirty with the wind chill.

Anyway, I have resurrected one of my favourite treats for all this sitting.  Basically, it’s popcorn tossed with soy sauce and good tasting nutritional yeast.  Yes, yeast.  I know that “yeast” is a gross word and it really seems like a gross thing to put on a treat, but I promise that this is actually very good tasting.  Also, I was foiled into thinking that because “good tasting” meant “good tasting,” “nutritional” also meant “nutritional” but Meg tells me that it really just means you can eat it and it won’t rise in your stomach or something gross like that.  Do not accidentally buy the wrong yeast, but do try this, with or without soy sauce depending on your love of salt.


3 responses to “yeast is a gross word but a delicious condiment.

  1. Yes! Popcorn with soy sauce and nutritional yeast is a classic go-to snack in our house. Also: nutritional yeast is good for you! Lots of B12 and yellowness. For reals.

  2. I’m really happy that you wrote about nutritional yeast, because I keep getting asked questions at the Rabbit Hole Cafe (where I cook every week) about the stuff cause I use it in many dishes (substitutes well for vegan recipes that need a cheesy taste), but don’t really know what it is which is embarassing. Also, someone who frequents the cafe wants me to come up with a new name for nutritional yeast, cause he’s sick of being grossed out every time he asks what my secret ingredient is.

  3. i am so glad to hear that nutritional yeast is actually healthy! It makes me feel extra virtuous.

    and, also, em, that you identified it’s “cheesy” taste. i’ve been trying to do that for ages. as for new names, you could just emphasize, a la Debi Wells, the “good tasting” part. she always yells it.

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