sweet potatoes and avocado.

I lovelovelove sweet potatoes in many forms. One of my favourite places in Kingston, the Sleepless Goat, makes amazing sweet potato quesadillas, but like most of their stuff it’s very heavy on the oil. I toned down their recipe a bit for many reasons, but mostly laziness. Usually when I make sweet potato quesadillas, I fry up onion and garlic while boiling cubed potatoes and then mash it all together. If I’m in the mood, I top it with cheese but it’s not the most necessary. Earlier this week we were out of garlic (somehow) so instead of garlic I added a couple spoonfuls of sweet and smokey mustard instead. Very delicious. These quesadillas are good, but they’re really nothing without sauce. I think the Goat serves them with mango chutney, but I always make it with guacamole. A surprisingly perfect pairing, actually.

My guacamole, though, is in fact not guacamole at all. It is only two ingredients, avocadoes and hot sauce, in varying quantities depending on how I feel. Specifically, I use sambal olek hot sauce. This is my favourite hot sauce, and nothing else tastes as good. You might be scoffing at this simplistic recipe, but if so then you are missing out because this is really amazing guacamole.


One response to “sweet potatoes and avocado.

  1. This photo looks like a painting! A very delicious painting.

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