dinner in a mould!

I love getting mail. Emails are alright, but a hand-written note is obviously better. Emma is my lovely pen-pal from Montreal, she sends excellent updates and wonderful surprises and we usually only rely on email for making immediate plans or urgent updates (sidenote – Emma, a very important communiqué is on its way to you right now… well, later on today…).

Awhile ago, Emma sent me one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a long time. It was this zine called “Strange Delicacies,” comprised of amazingly disgusting recipes from the 1950s. Highlights include headlines like “Let’s make it extra chicken-ey!” and ingredients like canned cow brain, which I’m pretty sure must be hard to find post-mad cow… The jello moulded meals were also pretty excellent:

I feel like I’ve missed something since I’ve never eaten anything in a jello mould, but starting with canned tuna might be a bit ambitious. That said, I think that if I were to come across an awesome mould, I might be tempted. Ian and Laural would probably play along, but knowing them it would probably come out tasting delish, as opposed to, you know, neon.

Still! So entertaining! But for now I might stick to slow cooker experiments and wrapping things in bacon…


2 responses to “dinner in a mould!

  1. Beth- Just so you know, I do read this, every day (which is possible because of your frequent updates!) but I don’t feel like I can comment too too much, because it defeats letter correspondence. So, awesome blog, and I’ll end it there.

  2. Em! I know! And now that I probably shouldn’t write about food in notes to you, I’m finding myself out of good material. I’ll have to do something exciting, unrelated to food. (unlikely)

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