more cheese.

Maybe, I think, two years ago, we had some sort of potluck and our friend Marc brought an amazing leek and potato soup.  This was seriously the best soup ever, and we pretty much demanded the recipe.  Marc, though, cooks a bit like me, without real measurements (writing everything down this way is kind of helping that, but really I do a lot of mid-way taste tests…), and he ended up giving us a rather amazing two page explanation of the soup creation featuring such gems as “Leeks!  Be sure to wash these notoriously dirty plants well!  You do not want dirty soup!”  In short, I love the recipe, though I haven’t exactly been able to recreate it.  (Also – one of the reasons for Marc’s superior soup is that he uses cream and I just can’t bring myself to drink a bowl of cream.  But, if you can: do!  It’s so so good!)

  • leeks (3, ish)
  • potatoes (5 big ones, about)
  • milk (half a litre?)
  • roasted garlic (1 head)
  • sharp cheddar cheese (as much as possible!  this is key!  maybe two or three handfuls?)
  • butter (2 tablespoons)
  • soup stock (4 to 6 cups?)

Roast the garlic.  Boil the potatoes.  Cut the leeks into one-ince pieces, and fry the leeks in butter.  Add the roasted garlic, minced after roasting.  When the potatoes are boiled, add them to the leeks and garlic.  Add the soup stock.  Mash the potatoes, but don’t purée them.  Add the milk and let it simmer.  Add grated cheese and serve.

The cheese is really key here.  Definitely do not try to leave it out.  It adds a texture and a sharper taste, and honestly, the soup is kind of lacking without it.  This was a bit stressful at first, because trying the soup as we made it was a bit of a let-down.  Don’t worry!  The cheese really brings it all together.


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