bacon and eggs, plus.

I am so lucky to have friends that love food as much as I do, and I think some of our best events are the brunch parties we have semi-frequently. Rather than going out, we do a brunch potluck, and it’s generally a huge success and we sit around talking about how amazing we are and how amazing the food is and we don’t feel rushed or limited in space and never ever limited in food. At our last one, Paige made the much-celebrated prosciutto nests. Now, our brunches are never short on bacon, but a typical problem with bacon is that it’s hard to make sure that there is a good bacon:otherfood ratio. The bacon weave is one way of fixing this dilemma (eee! can’t wait to try this!) but the prosciutto nests offer another solution.

Basically, all you do is lay prosciutto in a cupcake tray, then break an egg into it and bake at 350 for twenty minutes or so. There are many benefits to this technique:

  • they are cute
  • they are impressive
  • bacon in every bite!

Admittedly, I am not so into eggs, but I am working on it, and I do love these ones. A major bonus is that Ashley is making them RIGHT NOW! I am really lucky in the roommates department!


One response to “bacon and eggs, plus.

  1. Those little suckers look scrumptious!!

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