high tea.

It is a well-known fact that I am very into tea. Pretty much the only “errand” I run is going to Tealish, which is just the cutest tea store ever near Bellwoods. Seriously, you should go! This is not only my thing, many of my friends also love the Tealish, and, by default, the tea, too. For Tony’s birthday, we went for high tea at the Windsor Arms. This was part exciting and part stressful and part very tasty.

Very posh things tend to stress me out and this seemed a bit more posh than my usual bodem teapot (which I love and would not trade for all the fancy in all the world!). Anyway, I was wearing a skirt that reminded me of Phyllis Neffler in Troop Beverly Hills, but didn’t even compare to the woman whose laaaarge hat matched her cuff links (leopard print!). Basically, we got tea and fancy treats and the best scones ever.

These were lovely and luckily we all preferred different ones. I so wanted to like the caviar and smoked salmon but the caviar was huge and a bit too much. I was hoping to love the treats more, but I think the amazing scones were worth it. Plus, it was fun, even though I was wearing painfully high heels. So, success!


2 responses to “high tea.

  1. i agree the scones were the highlight, but you forgot to mention the clotted cream, a term i was not familiar with and kind of fine gross to say but yummy to eat.

    i love your food blog. i will keep up my food-snobbery easily.

  2. Most of the stress of that day came from the aptly named ‘howdy nudie’ stockings you picked out for us.

    I will never trust you in legwear again pom’r

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