lime, mint and sugar. oh, and rum.

I am very into the combination of lime and mint. They compliment each other and are generally delicious. This summer, I had grand plans of drinking many mojitos. I would say, too, that I pretty much accomplished this plan. It is the ideal summer drink: refreshing and limey and minty. This was a lovely pitcher of mojito that Zack and I drank on the dock this summer. It is slightly less attractive because we only had brown sugar at the cottage, but it was a pretty nice way to spend the day.


The thing is, as much as I like a mojito, it is a decidedly summer drink. But! That is no reason not to try to adapt it to winter times. Winter time is ideal for treats. I made these mojito cupcakes for a Gossip Girl Tuesday, my most favourite of days. On hiatus, now, but hopefully back soon because it must be hard to be on strike all winter even if you are mostly in sunny Cali.

mojito cupcake

Once again, cake mix cupcakes! I use a “white” cake mix, not vanilla, just the plainest thing I can find. This recipe is pretty much to taste, but simple and impressive and people seem into it. Usually cake mixes call for eggs and oil and milk. Before you add the milk, heat it up, and then steep it with about half a cup of mint leaves for about 15 minutes. Also add the juice from a lime and lime zest to the batter. I always taste raw batter, because I think it tastes good and my mother always told me not to, but you actually should taste this batter to make sure the mint and lime tastes are strong enough.

While the cupcakes are making, make the icing. Mix icing sugar, a bit of butter, and milk, then add a teaspoon of run extract and more lime juice. If the consistency’s off, add whatever you need. If the tastes are weak, add more rum or lime juice. As you can see, the icing I made was a bit runny. I am not so great with icing…

Once the cupcakes have cooled, ice them and top with a thinly thinly very thinly sliced piece of lime and a mint leaf. Cute! Also, the mint and lime get candied, a bit, and taste very nice and refreshing.

Here are the ingredients:
• 1 box of white cake mix (egg, oil, milk)
• mint
• lime
• rum extract
• icing sugar
• butter


One response to “lime, mint and sugar. oh, and rum.

  1. I’m starving right now. It’s 2 am. Starving.

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