bluegrass brunch

All I’ve wanted to do for so so long is go out for brunch at the Dakota Tavern. It’s pretty much the most romantic thing ever: you sit at a long table and they just bring platters of whatever they’re making that day while a bluegrass band plays. Seriously amazing. I love going out for brunch, but there are two major problems with it. Most brunch places are teeny, which is cute but impractical since it’s so fun to start the morning with a busy brunch with many people. Plus, if it’s a small restaurant, you end up having to wait, which is very hard for me since I am impatient with everything but with food especially. In my dream world, everyone would be ready for brunch at 9 am, but this is definitely not the case, so when we finally do make it to brunch, I am not so interested in waiting. Anyway, the Dakota fixes these problems, but doesn’t really address the fact that my friends like to sleep in.

A bunch of friends had planned to try out the Dakota on Sunday, and I was so excited. Except! On Saturday night, we had a very exciting snowstorm. I’m on a break right now, so I was happy about the snow, but worried that it might keep people from keeping our brunch plans. In the end, everyone made it, which is terribly impressive since it was literally impossible to get a cab and the Ossington bus was barely running. Jen, Ashley and I ended up walking it which was actually really nice and meant that by the time we got there we were super hungry. Amazingly, we didn’t have to wait for a seat, which was probably due in part to the weather, but we were 9 people which is more than fit in many breakfast places at most.


When you get there, they bring you a bunch of delish fruit and then a lot of food. On Sunday they were making scrambled eggs, bacon, homefries and pancakes. All wonderful, except I’m not into scrambled eggs.

The whole time a really good bluegrass band is playing and it’s generally the most wonderful atmosphere ever. I would recommend wearing plaid, and going often.


4 responses to “bluegrass brunch

  1. An excellent brunch and yes, plaid is a must.

  2. This is so lovely! And I like the tablecloths. Except I cannot picture you in plaid and I am skeptical that you were actually wearing it.

  3. descentintodessert

    laural! i didn’t wear plaid, but i would, i would, i would! or at least gingham! (we should go!)

  4. BETH
    This does make me want to come to Toronto just for this reason- how about March or April? or maybe February….that’s not very definite I know, but I will be dreaming about this brunch until I do it, so it will not be forgotten

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